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  • Where are the courses presented?
    Courses are presented from our base camp on a private reserve in the Baltimore area in the Limpopo province of South Africa. The majority of clinical cases are seen and procedures take place on reserves in the surrounding areas.
  • Will I be able to work hands-on and up close with wildlife?
    We pride ourselves on providing a practical, hands on experience. The aim is to allow you to operate safely close to the wildlife we interact with. Your involvement will depend on your abilities and attitude.
  • How many other participants will there be?
    The number of people attending the course may vary from 1 to 6. Groups are kept small in order to ensure a more personal and hands-on experience.
  • Are specific skills, qualifications or experience needed?"
    No, your attitude will determine your involvement in our project. We endeavour to involve you in such a way to ensure we meet your expectations.
  • What must I bring along?
    A detailed list of travel essentials will be sent to you along with your confirmation letter.
  • Can I use a credit card in South Africa?
    Yes, credit cards can be used – we recommend Visa or Mastercard. However, the camp is not close to a bank or an ATM.
  • What is the currency in South Africa?
    The South African currency is Rand – ZAR.
  • What type of weather can I expect?
    We are situated in Limpopo, the northernmost province in South Africa. In summer (September to March) can be hot, but winters are relatively mild with chilly early mornings. For more detailed information please refer to the South African Weather Service.
  • How do I apply?
    Once you decide on the length of the course and your preferred start time, you fill in the online application form and your booking will be confirmed within 3 days. The online Application Form must be submitted along with a copy of your CV.
  • What are the course fees?
    Fees are on a sliding scale. Visit the Course page for more details.
  • What is included in the course fee?
    Accommodation and three full meals a day. Included is also al transfers to and from the airport and all transport during the stay. All notes and lecture material will be provided.
  • Will I need spending money?
    All food and accommodation costs are included in the fee. You may, however, want to spend a little money on souvenirs and gifts. There is a small tuck shop in the camp where snacks, soft drinks and liquor can be bought. Off-site excursions are not covered in the course fee.
  • How do I book my flights?
    You have to book your own flights to Johannesburg Airport in South Africa. You will be provided with ideal arrival and departure times once your slot is confirmed.
  • How do I get transferred from the airport to the project?
    All participants are met at Johannesburg Airport (Oliver Tambo International Airport) by our camp coordinator and transferred by road directly to our camp. The coordinater will ensure that you are dropped off safely and timeously at the airport when you depart.
  • Do I need a visa to enter South Africa?
    Visa requirements to enter South Africa vary from country to country. It is advised that you contact your travel agent or visit the website of South African Home Affairs to find out more. It is your responsibility to check your requirements and arrange the necessary paperwork before departing.
  • Will I need health insurance?
    It is imperative to take out travel health insurance. You should be covered for all the activities during your stay as well as for any emergency treatment, evacuation and expatriation. You will have to provide proof of your travel insurance before you will be allowed to travel.
  • What are the dangers of malaria and other diseases?
    Fortunately, the camp does not fall in an endemic malaria area. You are, however, still advised to take precautions against mosquitos. Yellow fever is not a problem. For peace-of-mind you can also contact your local travel clinic.
  • What is the safety and security situation in South Africa?
    We work and live in an area that is relatively safe and crime free. We avoid all potentially dangerous areas as your safety is of primary importance to us.
  • What is the accommodation and food like?
    Participants stay in rustic two bedroom thatched chalets on a private reserve. Three wholesome meals are provided daily. You can expect western meals like beef, chicken, pasta and vegetables. Depending on daily start times, breakfasts will consist of cereals, toast, yoghurt, fruit, etc. or eggs, bacon or sausages. On busy days you may be provided with a packed lunch. If there are things that you can’t or do not eat it is imperative that you discuss your food preferences with us in advance.
  • Will we have Wi-Fi and mobile service?
    Yes, there is Wi-Fi connectivity available in the camp. There is relatively good mobile service on the reserve. If you have an unlocked phone, a South African SIM card can be bought at the airport. When working in remote or outlying areas there may sometimes be limited or no service.
  • Will there be free/leasure time?
    Most evenings are spent at leasure – usually around a campfire. Some Saturdays and all Sundays can be used to relax and explore the reserve. You may make use of the swimming pool, play pool, table tennis or board or card games. The whole reserve can be explored should you want to go on nature walks, do birdwatching or practise photography. There are, however, several off-site activities available for you to partake in. We will advise you about the availability and costs of these options should you wish to take part.
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