A veterinary and wildlife project based in the South African bush

Hands On

Practical Wildlife Medicine

Shadow a wildlife vet on his daily rounds and get involved in a variety of clinical and management procedures on a wide range of African game species. An experience that is both educational and adventurous!

Anti-Poaching Training & Campaigns

Get involved in anti-poaching campaigns by attending lectures and demonstrations on anti-poaching activities.

Learn about the methods that poachers use and the devastating effect it has on local wildlife populations.

Take part in nightly patrols with local anti-poaching units.

Rehabilitation &


Be part of the daily treatment, feeding and care of injured and orphaned animals. Ensure their wellbeing whilst recovering. Experience the joy and satisfaction of releasing these animals back into their natural habitats.

Help in assisting private land owners and reserve managers with the day to day management of breeding projects for endangered species.

Reach out to local communities and assist and educate them to understand the benefits of preserving wildlife and protecting the natural habitat with the aim of reducing the impact of human-wildlife conflict


Capture & Translocation

Experience the thrill and excitement of capturing a wide range of species by making use of helicopters and non-chemical methods.

Community Outreach Programmes

Help provide a veterinary lifeline to the donkeys and working animals in the local community. 

Be part of the Sterilisation Drive and reach out to the pets of the underprivileged.

Theory &



The wide range of topics discussed make these lectures an essential part of any extra mural studies programme. These courses are accredited by many universities and institutions world wide.

African Sunsets, Bush & Hospitality

Relax around a camp fire and experience the unique South African culture and hospitality. Safari drives, sundowners and African cuisine are shared with fellow international volunteers and locals.


Nationalities Involved


Student Volunteers


Endangered Species


Continent for us to Conserve


Life Changing Experiences



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